Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy For Adults 

Individual psychotherapy can alleviate your symptoms and provide insight into your current difficulties. Psychotherapy is a process of growth and healing through self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. Oftentimes, psychotherapy results in one feeling more connected to oneself and others. Clients typically find a direct relationship between their investment in psychotherapy and received benefits. That is, clients achieve greater growth and find deeper meaning through being vulnerable and making psychotherapy an important part of their lives.  While psychotherapy is a process focusing on one person, it is engaged by two.  Thus, the more clients feel engaged with the therapist, the more productive the process will be.  Many clients see us for the following issues:

Depression - Anxiety - Trauma - Self-Esteem - Relationship Issues - Family Difficulties - Life Transitions - Sexual Abuse - PTSD - Anger - Spirituality